Industries We Serve

Taking Refrigeration to the Next Level

As a proud leader in the delivery of Industrial Refrigeration and Process Air Conditioning systems, we’ve served clients across a range of different industries.

To date, we have worked with clients across the following industries:


  • Refrigeration for almost all Brewery application such as Wort cooling, Beer cooling,hops room and other applications.
  • We supply Glycol Chilling systems, Chilled water generation as well as Ammonia Overfeed systems.
  • We provide the necessary Refrigeration System with Energy Saving methods.

Dairy Plants

Refrigeration system for Chilled Water generation system for Milk cooling as well as Cold rooms & Blast Freezers for Milk, Dahi, Butter, Curd Cold storages.

Cold Storage

Refrigeration system for cold storages for Agri-products, Horticulture and frozen foods. Temperature Ranging from (+) 8 Deg. C to (-) 25 Deg. C for various applications.
We undertake supply and installation of Refrigeration for:

  • Cold storages for Dry fruits, Chilies, spices and pulses.
  • Cold storages for fruits and vegetables.
  • Cold Storages for Butter, Cheese, Frozen Vegetables and frozen/ Processed Foods. and Ice creams
  • Cold Storages for Fish, Meat and Chicken

Food Processing

We supply Refrigeration system for Food Processing Industries such as Juice Processing,Soft-drink production plants, Chicken Processing Plants etc.

Refrigeration Systems for Construction Industry

  • Ammonia Chilled Water Plants For Concrete Cooling with Vertical Chiller & PHE (+2 Deg To 3 Deg)
  • Flake Ice Plants For Construction Industry

Refrigeration Systems for Chemical Industry

  • Water Chilling & Brine Chilling Plants in Range of +10 To -30 Deg c with Reciprocating & Screw Compressor.

Flake / Block Ice plants

Air De-humidification Systems

CO 2 Liquefaction Plants in Brewery

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